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About Zam Images

Hello and Welcome to my photography portfolio website, Zam Images.  My name is Matt Zamarron and I’ve been an hobbyist photographer for the past few years.  I got into photography for subjects such as landscape, wildlife, sports and my kids.  I’m married with three children and I recently changed careers from an engineer to a high school teacher teaching engineering classes in Huffman, Texas.

I enjoy shooting portraits of my kids as they grow and their sports events as well.  This has led me to want to pursue using this talent for others down the road.  This site is dedicated to my portfolio and to future potential clients as I grow.

I’d like to take portraits for you or event action shots of your kids playing sports, etc.  Let me know what you think would be something you would like.  I’m interested in low-cost clients to build up a portfolio of more variety.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me using the contact form link or here.




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